How to make the masa dough

Many people usually don’t know what masa dough is and why it’s important to make. Masa dough is an essential ingredient in many Mexican dishes, including tacos, tamales, tortillas, and more. Making your own masa dough takes a little time but the end result will taste much fresher than store-bought ones! Here are some tips on how to make the perfect masa dough:

  1. Mix together the masa harina, water, and salt
  2. Add a little oil to make the dough easier to work with
  3. Knead for about 10 minutes until smooth and elastic
  4. Roll out into a thin circle shape (about 1/8 of an inch thick)
  5. Place in a tortilla press or between two sheets of parchment paper
  6. Use your hands to flatten it out, then remove from the tortilla press or peel off the parchment paper once it has been flattened


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