We welcome you to Mississippi Delta, your home for hot tamales and blues! With us, you’re in for a memorable Tamale Trail tour.



Who doesn’t love tamales? They’re delicious, spicy, meaty, and most of all, have a rich history. The history of the tamale at the Mississippi Delta dates back to the end of the civil war. At that time, there was an influx of migrant workers into the Mississippi.

The migrant workers moved to Mississippi to work on local farms and reconstruct infrastructure that got damaged during the war. Most of the workers were Mexican, and of course, brought with them their recipes and tasty delicacies, including tamales.

It’s also believed that soldiers returning from the war in the 1840s were the ones who brought the varied Mexican recipes to the American state. Some people also believe that the recipe was native to Americans who once inhabited the Delta.


However, the truth remains a mystery, making the place a bit more intriguing. The Delta Hot Tamale is almost like the Mexican tamale but smaller, with an amazing twist.

When you visit the Delta Mississippi, a tour of the Hot Tamale Trail should definitely be on your to-do list. This website is the first stop for taking a virtual trip of the Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail.

We engage you with everything you need for an actual tour, including, information, interactive maps, and scoops on events happening on the trail. Join us as we take you on a complete cultural journey for a unique culinary experience before taking the Tamale Trail tour.


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We loved Tamale Trail! The food was fresh and flavorful, and we left much fuller than we came in. I enjoyed the time we spent at the restaurant and that it felt so open and inviting in there. They serve some of the best gourmet tamales around, and I can’t wait to go there again.
Food Blogger
Thank you for dinner last night. It was amazing!! I have to say it’s the best meal I have had in quite some time. You will definitely be seeing more of me eating at your establishment. My husband was very impressed and we can’t wait for our parents to come visit so that we can share our new favorite place with them.
We were at The Tamale Trail a few weeks ago with some clients from Texas . I am finally getting back to tell you that we had a wonderful evening! The food, the service, the host, EVERYTHING was perfect! Thank you again for making Tamale Trail such a special place to be. We hope to see you again soon. Keep up the good work !

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