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The Delta Mississippi is a 200-mile leaf-shaped fertile farmland located along the mighty Mississippi River. Located in this region, Tamale Trail brings you tours like no other to keep you informed and entertained.

Our tours are home to blues music, cotton farming, and of course, the snack with a cult-like following known as tamales. They say that no one makes or enjoys a tamale like any other person, explaining the saying to every man his tamale.

We love tamales and enjoy them more at Delta Mississippi because of its rich history in the region. We also offer our guests the chance to go on a cultural, culinary trip. Our love for tamales and the thrill of enjoying them differently inspired us to share our experiences.

This is how the Tamale Trail website was born. We write and share everything about the Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail. You’ll enjoy reading information about tour events, the local people’s culture, restaurants in the area, and definitely the local food.



Our website has grown to become one of the major sources of information about this area to tens of thousands of our monthly blog visitors. What’s more, we offer guided tours to visitors of the Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail.

We know the trail like the back of our hands because we’re locals. Therefore, you can be sure you’ll have a visit like no other. Check out the itinerary page to learn more. We’re your one-stop shop for tamales and travel information about Mississippi and surrounding areas.

Nothing Brings People Together

Like Good Food

What To Do

Take a memorable road trip and savor the variety of hot tamales the Mississippi Delta has to offer. With more than two dozen stops along the trail tour, each has something unique to offer.

You can eat from a street cart like Greensville’s Hot Tamale Heaven or enjoy a full-service menu at Abe’s Bar-B-Q in Clarksdale. Let us help you create your itinerary for an unforgettable tour and culinary experience.        Whether you’ve experienced a tamale trail before or not, you’ll be happy you joined us. Include our Tamale Trail tour in your next travel itinerary to Mississippi and nearby areas.


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