Frequently Asked Questions

First, Mexican tamales are steamed while Delta Hot Tamales are simmered. Secondly, Delta Hot Tamales are made using cornmeal, while Mexican tamales use masa harina. Lastly, Delta Hot Tamales are smaller in size than Mexican tamales.

Tamales have been part of music for a long time. They first appeared in recorded music as early as 1928. In 1936, Robert Johnson, a native of the Mississippi Delta, released the track “They are Hot,” a song about the Tamales.

Since then Tamales are served with some great blues music in the Delta Mississippi to entertain both locals and visitors.

There are no white cloth restaurants at the Hot Tamale Trail. The restaurants here are small, kitchens, and roadside stands. In some, you’re served inside while others offer drive-through dishes.

However, there’s a variety of culture-filled food available at the trail for every guest to enjoy. But, if you’re here just for the tamales, you can enjoy them all day long. And, the experience is unique each time and like no other.

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