Tamale and Other Foods To Keep Welders Not Hungry At Work

Welding is one of the toughest jobs and involves thousands of people across the glob. Welders experience hot climate throughout their working window because of the heat generated by the welding machine. Therefore, it is very important for them to be strong and healthy. Maintaining a good health is very important for welders as it not only help them to stay fit but also increases their endurance capacity.

The extreme hot condition at work may cause dehydration and it is advised that welders drink water at regular interval to avoid dehydration and fatigue. If a welder is hungry all the time, he can’t work well and can commit mistakes which not only hampers the flow of work but can also be dangerous for him as well as his co-workers. In this food guide for welders, we will discuss about some foods that are considered as ideal for the welders.


Welders’ diet has always been a point of discussion as the profession is very hard labour oriented and demands heavy diet. But if the welders will consume too much then they will feel lethargic and will not be able to work properly. On the flipside, if a welder consumes light food, they may not keep up with the endurance and resilient required in this job. Tamale, the popular Mesoamerican dish is considered as a prime food for welders as it is made up of corn which is rich is starch.

The corn or starch is the principal source of energy and does not make the workers lethargic after meal. The stuffing of the tamale can be fruits and vegetables, cheese, chillies, or any preparation according to the choice of the welders. Tamale is easy to eat in welding sites as it is steamed and make the workers feel light at the work.


Another important food for welders is Enchilada. It is a corn tortilla that is rolled around the filling according to how you want it For welders it is generally advised to have a filling of vegetables and meat to keep them active at work. The filling is usually kept simple as the enchilada is covered with chili pepper sauce which enhances the taste.


This is a traditional soup from Mexico that is loved by welders throughout the globe. The soup consists of meat and vegetables, and is seasoned with garlic, peppers, lime, and chili to boost the taste. This soup is always included in the meal of the welders as it’s not only a light food but also provides all essential nutrients to welders and keep them energetic during the work. Vegetables like cabbage and radish used in the garnishing of the soup provide fiber to the welders, which are very important for their bones.


Another corn preparation which is very popular among welders is tostada. It is basically a flat or bowl-shaped base that is either toasted or deep fried. It can be consumed as base for other food or alone.

This food is quite famous in Latin America and Mexico. The tostada is often stuffed with vegetables and meat according to the choice of the welders. The food not only supply essential nutrients but also helps the welders lively during the work.

Mole Sauce

Welders need food to make them energized at work and Mole Sauce is the best option to be light and energetic at the same time The main ingredient of the sauce is meat which is a good source of protein and fats.

The mole sauce includes spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, which is very important for the digestive system of the welders.

To work on profitable welding projects, welders have to have enough energy in their everyday work. If you have loved ones or friends who are welders, share this to them or better cook those foods for them when they go to work.


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